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Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

We cherish the natural beauty and fantastic resources of Ottawa County, from our rich farmlands to our many waterways and world-class wildlife habitat. OCTA believes we all have a part to play in protecting this resource for future generations.

Energy consumption, such as through the burning of fuel oil and gasoline, and the heating and cooling of buildings, is at the heart of many of our country’s challenges. OCTA is committed to maintaining secure and cost-effective operations while reducing our energy consumption below previous levels. Our vehicles operate at peak efficiency and our facilities are heated by recycled waste oil, making our building one of the most energy-efficient in the county. We have installed solar panels and underfloor geothermal heat to our inside storage building (see photos on this page). In addition, plans are underway to:

  • Build a windmill to produce electricity for our facilities and install “smart electricity” systems that reduce usage spikes and turn off lights when not in use;
  • Collect rainwater to use for washing vehicles;
  • Plant Ohio wetlands plants and other native species of vegetation on our properties in order to filter runoff from our driveways and parking lots;
  • Convert our fleet of vehicles to natural gas and hybrids over the next five years.


Whenever a rider chooses OCTA, another vehicle is removed from the road. Pollution is reduced, demand for foreign oil goes down, and energy costs for everyone are kept in check. OCTA is doing its part to preserve Ottawa County’s natural beauty for many years to come.

"OCTA helps people with disabilities get to work... Thanks,OCTA!"

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