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OCTA treats you like family... Thanks, OCTA!

To keep OCTA’s vehicles running safely and with optimal fuel efficiency, we have two of the best mechanics in the county employed full-time. Our scheduled maintenance program saves taxpayer dollars and allows our drivers to focus on serving our passengers.

Even better, OCTA’s mechanics are able to take care of other vehicles owned by Ottawa County and other entities. Beginning with the sheriff’s department fleet in 2003, OCTA’s sold maintenance program has grown to support over 25 agencies with over 200 vehicles. With so many vehicles under our care, we can purchase parts and supplies at reduced cost and help protect the county’s budget.

If you want more information about contracting with OCTA to perform maintenance on your vehicles, please click here for an email link. We will be back to you shortly!


"OCTA helps me keep my independence... Thanks,OCTA!"

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